Inspiring stories: Stacy, of Freak Show Follies

Hi there! I’m here with another one of my wonderful friends’ inspiring stories. This one turned to her passions to get her through her tough times. I think what Stacy does is incredibly unique and fun! Plus, wait until you see her adorable workspace! If you’re considering making a lifestyle change, and switching to doing what you love, or what makes you feel great, take it from those of us who have done it. It’s hard work. Sometimes you feel like giving up. But in the end? It’s totally WORTH IT!

So, without further ado… please welcome Stacy, of Freak Show Follies! *thunderous applause* Oooh, might have gotten a little carried away there.

*Ahem* Here’s her story:


Hi Stacy! Tell us a little about who you are.

I am an odd little freak! I always have been, always will be and I’m proud to be different! I love my individuality and the individuality of others. I covet the out of the box ways of thinking and embrace them wholeheartedly. I love the ability to be able to create jewelry and express myself though wearable art. It allows others to peek into the window of my soul, take a glance at my freaky inner child I hold so close to my heart as well as my hopeless, odd science nerd ways without even uttering a word.”

What do you do?

I am a designer of odd and freaky jewelry through many different artistic mediums. I work regularly with resin art and mold casting, painting and themed altered art as well as wire wrapping and beading to bring it all together. I work with bug, bone and mummified specimens suspended in resin, giving the ability to preserve them permanently and wear then in an artistic interpretation. I also hand paint cameos and tiny canvases for other alternative wearable art options. I create pieces with new and classic horror imagery to bring the love for those memorable movies to be worn outwardly. Most of what you see me create, is something I love or hold fond memories of. My Etsy shop name stems from all of this and it why it’s named Freak Show Follies.”

What inspired your decision to start Freak Show Follies?

I have been plagued with auto immune disease for about 14 years now and Rheumatoid Arthritis has taken a toll on my body, especially my hands. My hands stopped feeling like my own, like that of a zombie’s. A dear friend gifted me some jewelry making supplies about 5 years ago, told me to try it and insisted that it would be good for my hands. A short time after making jewelry for myself, my hands started to feel like my own again and the artist that has been hiding in me since middle school, came out like a screaming banshee. I hadn’t even picked up a paint brush, charcoals, made a weaving or created art since that long time ago of being involved in and winning some art competitions. Now, so many years later, I was creating art and making things I loved. I had people starting to ask me to create for them and offering to pay me for it. I said a final goodbye to my zombie hands and hello to zombie jewelry. After much creepy encouragement from friends and personal customers, my efforts bloomed into an Etsy shop to offer my creepy wares all over the world. This is one of the best things I have ever done for myself.”

What’s your favorite thing about what you do?

“My favorite thing about creating wearable art jewelry is the message I can send with it and the beautiful connection I can make with people all over the world that share a love for unusual jewelry. I enjoy connecting with people that have trouble finding unusual pieces that boldly say what they love. Just because it’s freaky, creepy, weird or different, doesn’t mean that there aren’t people who covet it. I’m one of those people and there are so many out there who want that type of wearable art. I love being a person that hears those people, understands what those people want and I’m proud to be someone who puts it out there to be found, heard and loved by those people.”

What has been your biggest challenge?

“My biggest challenge is time. There never seems to be enough hours in the day to do everything but I try to manage my time as best as I can. I take measures to help with daily responsibilities to manage time better by having hired a maid, allowing my hubby to pick up take out rather than cooking myself and asking my sons run simple errands for me. This year on January 6th, I had my biggest challenge ever. I had major brain surgery to have 2 benign tumors removed from my brain. One of these tumors was robbing me of the sight in my left eye, which made it difficult to create jewelry as my sight on that side began to fall into darkness. Recovery has been a challenge to say the least but I am and always have been a can do person and I can do whatever I put my mind to. My sight is back in that eye and I’m almost back to full speed ahead mode. Life is not without challenges, we all have them. It’s how we as a family choose to work through them and knowing that together as a family, we CAN DO anything!”

Tell us more about your fabulous family!

“I have been married to a wonderful man for the last 23 years. I have 2 sons who are now young adults in college and a little Chihuahua who sits on my lap while I create creepy goodness. My family is supportive of what I do as it brings me such immense reward, not only physically with my hands but also as a soft and calming focus in my life. I come from a family of artistic people. My mother is an artist and her father was also an artist. My cousin is an art teacher and she took me under her wing as a child and encouraged me to create when I was young. All of these things breed into the artistic nature of myself and I’m grateful that I had that influence in my life.”

Where do you find your daily inspiration?

“I find my inspiration in the odd little things that I love. When I get up in the morning, the first thing I do is get a cup of coffee and go into my studio area to sit and map my day. There is always something I want to create or a theme I want to implement into a piece like a charm bracelet. We all get most excited thinking about the things we love, we look forward to seeing things we love and plan ahead to do the things we love. I have a written list of the things I feel inspired to make. It has the thoughts and design for a new piece of jewelry and the list of supplies I know I need to create it. When it’s time to move on to the next piece or series of pieces, I refer to my list of inspiration to choose what’s next.”

Poof! You’re dusting your favorite lamp and a genie pops out! He offers you three wishes. One for you, one for your business, one for someone else. Share your wishes.

“I have a personal wish to never leave behind my inner child and to always remember the joy of youth and the trill of what I loved as a young person. I never grew up and I still don’t want to. I wish to remain young at heart and in my mind as well.

My wish for my business is that it continues to grow and blossom. I wish to bring even more freaky and unusual jewelry to unusual people all over the world.

I wish to continue helping others by donating my jewelry pieces for auctions to help schools and special children’s causes as I have done for the last 2 years. Children’s causes are my true soft spot, and I love donating to causes that support them.”

Now, check out her super cute workspace!! I’m totally jealous.


I recently ordered a couple of bracelets from her Etsy shop, because once I laid eyes on this eyeball bracelet, it had to be mine. When I opened the envelope, inside was black tissue paper tied up with a red ribbon, so cute! Then I opened the paper, and inside THAT was black rose petals, red paper, and the rest of her ADORABLE packaging! Such a great job, and a special package Stacy, thank you for taking all the extra pains to make sure your packages are just as fun as the jewelry. :)


If you’re interested in her freaky-fun jewelry, check out her Etsy shop by clicking HERE. Also, make sure you follow her on Facebook, so you can keep up with her shop updates!

Have a wonderful day, everyone!


New Advertisers! Ideal Handmade Gifts

Have you seen all the pretty new banners over there on the sidebar? *points to the right side of the page* So many new friends this month! I thought I’d share some of my favorite items from these super talented people. If you’re looking for handmade gifts or just something unique for you, you’re in the right place!


First Row: Poppyhollow, MissBellaLeigh, Fandomonium  
1. An adorable wrap bracelet from Poppyhollow. I love wrap bracelets, and I think this one would go with almost anything in your wardrobe! A great wear-everyday style.
2. How sweet is this photo, first of all. Let’s all take a minute to say… “Awwww.” Then look at the beautiful headband the precious little one is wearing!
3. These aluminum cuffs are a great way to show off your personality. Find quotes and nods to all sorts of fandoms, as well as geeky, and offbeat styles. A nerdy girl(or guy’s) dream!

Second Row: Printsicle, PhoenixFire Designs, Lola’s Handcrafted 
1. Printsicle makes custom cookie cutters. Such a cool idea! And that anchor! *swoon*
2. A beautiful handmade “Tree of Life” pendant from PhoenixFire Designs. I love that amber moon.
3. Mineral lipstick from Lola’s Handcrafted. Look at those gorgeous colors! Kitten is my favorite.

Third Row: Hello Dragonfly, IAmMarie, Maravillosa Jewelry 
1. A natural seashell necklace from Hello Dragonfly. Dress up a sundress for the beach, or just wear it on a day you wish you were at the beach!
2. Most people know I have a major thing for giraffes. This watercolor print from I Am Marie is so cute!
3. I love this owl necklace from Maravillosa Jewelry! Harry Potter Fans unite!


First Row: Tochess, Flutterbunny Boutique, Thistle & Thyme Photography 
1. How cute are these bachellorette party invitations from Tochess? 
2. This adorable mobile for your little’s room is by FlutterBunny Boutique. What little guy (or girl) wouldn’t love to see cute little wooden airplanes floating above their bed?
3. Lovely photography from Thistle & Thyme. 

Second Row: Hearts & Craftsy, Diamonds & Coal, Crystal Heart Factory 
1. Can I have a Doctor Who party for my next birthday? Fezes, Bow Ties, Dalek’s… what more could a fangirl want?
2. Diamonds and Coal makes some of my favorite jewelry, ever. They use materials like silver bullets, crystals, and there’s even some skull designs! I love this hourglass necklace.
3. Crystal Heart Factory. Cute sparkly hearts. Every girl needs one!

Third Row: SewBeeIt Custom Clothier, Bettie’s Boutique, Unique Nique 
1. Just look at this pretty purse from SewBeeIt! Bright, cheerful fabric, and plenty of room for all your essentials.
2. I love this handmade flower hair comb. It would be lovely for a wedding, but I’d love it for nearly any occasion.
3. A beautiful art glass dragonfly suncatcher. Dress up your patio with one of these happy little designs from Unique Nique!

And that’s just a tiny selection! Definitely take the time to click through these shops, and the rest of the wonderful advertisers this month, and see what they have to offer!



Princess Bride Valentines Day Printable

Last year I posted a cute little Valentines Day Printable, and everyone seemed to love it. So I decided to give you another one this year! I used cute flowers and a chalkboard background I got from here and here. (Creative Market!)


To download a high-res version, click here, then right click, and select ‘save as.’ 

I thought I’d do a cute Princess Bride reference this year.  It’s one of my all-time favorite movies. You can make it into a card, or put it in a cute frame… even a tag on the top of your present to your sweetie. I hope you like it! You’ll also find links to last year’s round up of cute Valentine’s Day printables below. :)

Here’s last year’s printable:

free valentines day printable card

To download, click here.

Also, check out this cute collection I found around the web last year!


And, if you’re looking for something nerdy, check out this collection.

I’m a big fan of handmade gifts on Valentine’s Day. Whether that be a card, a sweet treat, or a special dinner, just taking the time to show your loved one that you matter to them is always the way to go. And not just on Valentine’s Day, either! A sweet surprise is a wonderful thing any day of the year! :)

Have a great day, everyone! 


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