Pinterest Favorites: DIY Jewelry

I love making things. Especially things I can wear. Especially things I can wear, and make people say things like “I love that! Where’d you get it?” and I get to answer, “I made it.” 😀

Here are a few that have caught my eye lately on Pinterest.

1. Pretty ‘gumball” bead necklace. Love this!

2. Popsicle stick bangles… interesting idea.

3. Colored pencil jewelry.

4. Leather bracelets

5. Leather chevron ribbon bracelet.

6. “Love” Necklace

7. Ribbon Bracelet. (These would be so pretty for bridesmaids!)

8. This tutorial shows you how to ‘fix’ old tarnished costume jewelry with spray paint. I’m dying to try this!

As always, the numbers are the links. Clicky, clicky! :) Enjoy!

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