Design Freebies: Printable Stationery

When I was younger, I loved having penpals. I knew this girl, Tanya, who spent the summer with her grandparents in the house behind the one I lived in growing up. We’d ride our bikes together, get into trouble, spend hours in our bedrooms girl-talking – it was awesome having a friend in my backyard. At the end of the summer when she would go back to New Jersey, where she lived, we would begin writing letters to each other, and this would continue until she came back the next year. We quickly outgrew all of this, and sadly I’ve lost contact with her, but it was fun while it lasted!

I remember being sooo excited over a new notebook, or a cute set of notecards, because it made my letters feel more special, and it made me feel very grown up to have official ‘stationery.’ I don’t send many letters anymore, but when I do, I like to make them look extra special. So, I’ve gathered a little collection of free printable stationery, here are some of my favorites. (Click ‘Read More” to see them all!)

free printable stationery

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My First Digital Photo Books

Sometimes I’m kind of late. I tend to give friends their birthday gifts a week (or more, sorry everyone) late… I ship my family’s Christmas gifts promptly after Easter… its a problem. When it comes to printing out digital photos it’s even worse. I got married 2.5 years ago, and I just now got a few of the pictures printed out. BUT! In doing so, I tried out this great website, MyPublisher, and I got two great photo books printed.

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Free Font: Day Dreaming

Today I was looking for a really fun font for something I was doing, (personal, not client) so I snuck off to, clicked on ‘New Fonts’ at the top of the page, and boom. There was the perfect font.  If you like it, you can donate a little something to the author on the download page.

Introducing, my new favorite fun/silly font. Day Dreaming.


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